About Me

Someone asked what made me get into photography…


My first camera was a gift at age 7, a robin’s egg blue plastic point-and-shoot. It was the same year I received my first journal.

I quickly enjoyed the art and practice of documenting the day-to-day. Those reflections and images have become both treasured and informative, as I went on to move throughout childhood. Then, in high school, my younger sister passed away unexpectedly.

Life as we know it can change quickly.
But—before you get depressed— really wonderful things happen also. Who can imagine life before a sibling, child, or certain house? Then, there are those days that we know are going to be milestones.

My favorite photos are ordinary life. A “normal” day. You being you, on your own or with the people you love. Looking back, you might be surprised how magical this very day actually is.

Some people feel they have to wait until they are thin enough, young enough, or some other delay.

You know what? We have today. And you are magnificent, just as you are. Let’s celebrate!

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