Storytelling for Web

A website is a powerful opportunity to quickly convey your brand’s values and unique personality. Professional, personalized photography is a vital tool in engaging your audience.

Let me help you share your story, so you can get on to building meaningful client relationships.


Client: Sodexo

Greensboro, NC—In celebration of opening a new state-of-the-art student center with five restaurants, Sodexo wanted to photograph this much awaited feat. I spent the day at A&T University, one of the largest historically black colleges in the United States, capturing workers on the job and students enjoying their labor. The natural light in many of the spaces was as delicious as the savory food. Bright smiles all around.



Client: Double Hung Historic Window Restoration

Greensboro, NC—Restoring historic windows is detailed and for many, mysterious. I was moved by how surprisingly skilled and beautiful each step of Double Hung’s detailed process can be. I also could see how many took deep pride in their work. I witnessed a trusting relationship the workers had with their boss. It was mutual. Each team member cared about the city as well, and the value in preserving it’s character and legacy. You just don’t find that level of care in a lot of places.

This collection of photos were among the ones used for Double Hung’s new website. The goal was to communicate the process, personality and culture of what happens when you employ this company to improve the quality of your home.

Client: Jennifer Downey, painter

Oakland, CA—Ms. Downey is a phenomenal painter inspired by the intricacies of environment and the relationship between humans, animals, aquatic life and climate change. Her studio is filled with decades of work. (That is, what hasn’t sold yet or is sitting in a museum or gallery.) She is constantly working and it seemed important to share with her patrons a glimpse of the woman and process behind the paint brush.